2019 Healthy Families Priorities

Healthy Families Priorities

A strong family means a stronger Missouri


Increasing Access to Family Planning

Family planning is essential to securing the well-being and autonomy of women and men, and of our communities. We support: Expanding access to the Women's Health Services Program by streamlining the application process and reducing administrative barriers, fully funding the program, and removing provider restrictions to allow greater access to high-quality care for all; 13-month dispensing of contraception; and increasing access to long-acting reversible contraception by removing preauthorization requirements.


Improving Infant and Maternal Health

The well-being of mothers and children determines the health of the next generation and helps predict future public health challenges. We support: Expanding Medicaid for all individuals up to 138% FPL, or extending postpartum Medicaid coverage for all women up to one year, including continued support for an approved waiver in 2019 for new moms with substance use issues; and, ensuring reliable and effective networks for the home visit program through streamlined funding and education, resulting in improved health outcomes for mom and baby, reduced community disparities, and reduced risk of abuse and neglect.


Reducing Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

Rates of STIs have increased nationally for each of the last four years and Missouri has some of the nation's highest. We support: Increased access to STI testing/treatment; providing every young person with sexual health education in public schools; and, establishing a needle exchange program, which can substantially reduce the spread of communicable diseases.


Reducing Barriers to Care

Ensuring every Missourian has access to high-quality healthcare regardless of where they live or their healthcare needs. We support: Ensuring full practice authority and reducing barriers for nurse practitioners; funding and support through MO HealthNet for telemedicine options, like Show-Me ECHO; and, removing unnecessary restrictions.


Strengthening Family Security

Enhancing reliable and effective networks within the state to ensure access to women's and family health and equitable treatment for all, resulting in a stronger and empowered citizenship throughout the state. We support: Protection for victims of domestic and sexual violence, and victims of trafficking; and, equitable paid and unpaid leave for all.