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Abortion Resources

Abortion is not legal in Missouri, but remains legal and accessible in some states. Below are abortion care-related resources, including information about abortion providers near Missouri, comprehensive all-options counseling, and financial and logistical support for abortion care in the Midwest.

Emergency Contraception Resources

Click here to watch our YouTube video about emergency contraception (EC), birth control that's taken after sex to prevent pregnancy. Need Free EC? Confidentially request your kit today!

All About Condoms

Condoms, including internal and external condoms, are great at preventing sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and helping to prevent a pregnancy. Click the link to learn how to put on and take off internal and external condoms, as well as guidance on what to do before and after sex.

Healthy Relationships

Relationships can take many forms, but it's important they contain trust, accountability, safety, honesty, communication, support, and cooperation. Consent is the freely-given, specific, informed, clear-minded "yes" to any kind of physical or sexual interaction.

In the state of Missouri, people can freely give consent with other people starting at age 17. However, minors between 14-17 can give consent to partners who are less than 4 years older than them. For example, a 14 year-old can consent to sex with a 17 year-old, but not an 18 year-old. A 15 year-old can consent to sex with an 18 year-old, but not a 19 year-old. Anyone 13 years old or younger cannot legally consent to sex in Missouri.

Want more information about what healthy relationships look like? Visit or the Missouri Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence's website.

Sexual & Reproductive Health: Your Priorities; Your Timing

With information about birth control options, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), healthy relationships, consent, and personal hygiene, this booklet is MFHC's go-to patient resource. Download a PDF of the booklet below, or contact us to receive a copy mailed to you at no cost.

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