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MFHC Launches Free EC Project


Contact: Leslie Pritchard | (573) 694-4898

JEFFERSON CITY (MO) – Today, Missouri Family Health Council, Inc. (MFHC) is excited to announce the launch of Free EC, a new contraceptive access project offering free emergency contraception (EC) to Missourians. Free EC kits can be picked up at over 40 locations throughout the state, or requested via mail on the MFHC website:

“Emergency contraception, or ‘EC,’ is a type of birth control that’s taken after sex, instead of before,” said Raissa Ameh, MSN, APRN, WHNP-BC, Clinical Director for MFHC. “EC is a great option for preventing pregnancy after unprotected or under-protected sex.”

“The escalating attacks on sexual and reproductive healthcare were meant to diminish Missourians’ power and autonomy, but it only served to galvanize our resolve and commitment to the movement,” said Michelle Trupiano, MFHC Executive Director. “Free EC is one tool folks have to shape futures they envision.” 

MFHC has joined with nonprofit organizations, health centers, and other community partners to distribute kits throughout Missouri. Drop by any of these locations and pick up a free kit – no hassle, no questions asked. Anyone of any age can take a kit while supplies last.

"The Unitarian Universalist Church of Columbia is proud to offer Missouri Family Health Council’s Free EC kits to anyone who needs back-up birth control on-hand,” said Rev. Molly Housh Gordon. “As Unitarian Universalists we believe in the sacredness of every body and the inherent moral agency of every person. In this time of attacks on bodily autonomy, providing safe, free access to sexual and reproductive healthcare is a clear expression of our faith.”

“OACAC is excited to add Free EC to the suite of family planning services offered at our Springfield health center,” said Jamie Raab, Director of Family Planning for Ozarks Area Community Action Corporation (OACAC). “Increasing affordable healthcare access is one tool to alleviate the impact of poverty on people and communities in southwest Missouri.”

“Although Missouri banned abortion in 2022, all methods of birth control, including EC, are still legal and available in the state,” said Trupiano. “The goal of the Free EC project is to remove as many geographic and financial barriers to birth control as possible.” 


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