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A new survey released by Missouri-based The Right Time initiative shows despite near universal support for birth control, there is a disconnect between residents and many policymakers.

The availability of over-the-counter birth control removes just one barrier – it does not eliminate the many additional and often insurmountable barriers Missourians face.

"The fallout from the Supreme Court's Dobbs ruling on abortion has had expected and unexpected consequences," said Michelle Trupiano, Executive Director of Missouri Family Health Council, Inc. "One unexpected result is that health centers across the state report that many patients are confused about the legality of birth control because of the June 2022 decision. The message is simple: Abortion is banned in Missouri; birth control is not."

“The escalating attacks on sexual and reproductive healthcare were meant to diminish Missourians’ power and autonomy, but it only served to galvanize our resolve and commitment to the movement,” said Michelle Trupiano, MFHC Executive Director. “Free EC is one tool folks have to shape futures they envision.”

Last week’s mifepristone ruling from U.S. District Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk was a blatant ideological attack on science, the law, and abortion access. The ruling only served to further stigmatize abortion and obfuscate its legality during a time when misinformation about sexual and reproductive health access abounds.

“Birth control remains legal and available in Missouri and our network of highly qualified providers across the state stand ready to meet patients’ needs,” said Michelle Trupiano, Executive Director of Missouri Family Health Council, Inc.

Regardless of whether it was a draft opinion, the U.S. Supreme Court showed this week what we in Missouri have long known: that fundamental rights are under unprecedented attack.

Despite facing competition from Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services for a third grant cycle, MFHC is pleased to continue its 40-year history of oversight and administration of Title X. MFHC’s Title X network will include 16 subrecipients operating 65 clinic sites throughout Missouri.

Three quarters (76%) of Missouri residents, including large majorities across the political spectrum, believe the state legislature should increase access to birth control for Missourians, according to a new public opinion survey.

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