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Last week’s mifepristone ruling from U.S. District Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk was a blatant ideological attack on science, the law, and abortion access. The ruling only served to further stigmatize abortion and obfuscate its legality during a time when misinformation about sexual and reproductive health access abounds.

“Birth control remains legal and available in Missouri and our network of highly qualified providers across the state stand ready to meet patients’ needs,” said Michelle Trupiano, Executive Director of Missouri Family Health Council, Inc.

Regardless of whether it was a draft opinion, the U.S. Supreme Court showed this week what we in Missouri have long known: that fundamental rights are under unprecedented attack.

Despite facing competition from Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services for a third grant cycle, MFHC is pleased to continue its 40-year history of oversight and administration of Title X. MFHC’s Title X network will include 16 subrecipients operating 65 clinic sites throughout Missouri.

Three quarters (76%) of Missouri residents, including large majorities across the political spectrum, believe the state legislature should increase access to birth control for Missourians, according to a new public opinion survey.

“We are deeply grateful that the Biden administration has put a stop to the 2019 Title X program rule, which has hamstrung family planning providers and seriously threatened access to care across our state,” said Michelle Trupiano, MFHC Executive Director.

“Today, the State House ended one nightmare, but began creating another. While preserving state Medicaid funding through the FRA, the House also moved to risk federal compliance of the program and deny patients their choice of provider by passing HB 2. What started as an attack on birth control has ended with a fight to find access for thousands of Missourians who rely on Missouri Planned Parenthood clinics for family planning services. The health safety net takes us all working together to meet the patient need in our state. Today, Missouri legislators set the stage to fracture that system. Despite these attacks on healthcare, we will continue advocating for our network, our patients, and all Missouri communities in need of access to care,” said Michelle Trupiano, Executive Director of Missouri Family Health Council, Inc.

“Tonight, the State Senate chose to pass an FRA that removed dangerous language equating birth control to abortion and limiting safety-net providers. This is a win for science, MO HealthNet patients, and all Missourians. We applaud the Senators who put people over politics tonight and ushered in a bipartisan resolution on this. The message is clear: it is not a winning strategy to use birth control – which is essential healthcare – as a bargaining chip,” said Michelle Trupiano, Executive Director of Missouri Family Health Council, Inc.

On August 5, 2020, the Missouri Department of Social Services issued a public notice of its intention to apply for a federal family planning waiver with restrictions on what types of providers can be reimbursed for family planning services – providers who perform or promote abortions, or affiliates with providers who do so would be prohibited from reimbursement under the waiver.

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