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Bipartisan women’s health omnibus bill advances to MO Senate


Leslie Pritchard, Communications Manager | (573) 694-4898

JEFFERSON CITY (MO) – In a show of true bipartisanship, a women’s health omnibus bill has advanced to the Missouri Senate tonight by an overwhelming margin. HB 2413 (Peters) treats and prevents disease, increases access to contraception, and ensures healthcare facilities are properly equipped to conduct sexual assault forensic exams. Of the five provisions contained within it, all passed at the committee level with near-unanimous or universal support. 

Recent polling released by The Right Time initiative showed Missourians are concerned elected officials will reduce access to birth control, despite its broad use and political popularity. One measure included in HB 2413 expands access by allowing those with private health insurance an option to obtain a yearlong supply at a time – a policy supported by 77% of respondents.

Statement from Mandy Hagseth, Director of Policy & External Affairs:
“The work done across the aisle to move this bill forward is truly remarkable. The bipartisan group of legislators who championed these bills, despite political roadblocks, should be commended. Today, the Missouri House has prioritized healthcare over politics. We hope the Senate will do the same.”




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